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The International May Choir Competition was established in 1975. In 1982 the competition was named after the famous Bulgarian composer Georgi Dimitrov – the founder of the modern Bulgarian choir school. Since1989 the International May Choir Competition has been a member of the Organizing Committee of the European Choral Grand Prix Competition, which is held in Arezzo (Italy) Debrecen (Hungary), Tours (France), Gorizia (Italy), Varna (Bulgaria ) and Tolosa (Spain).

The six aforesaid choral competitions are among the most prestigious in Europe and they have won recognition thanks to there longstanding traditions, good organization and high artistic level. The competition is held annually in accordance with the Regulations, which are updated for each edition and adopted by the Municipal Council. The contest has the following main objectives:

– Promotion of Bulgarian choral art and vocal works. In accordance with the Regulations one compulsory Bulgarian song for each category is included in the competitive programme. There is also a special prize for best performance of Bulgarian song by a foreign choir.

– Promotion of European choral heritage from different epochs and styles among children and young people.

– Exchange of scores, exchange of information, contacts between Bulgarian and foreign conductors, singers and choral figures.

– Acquaintance of foreign participants with the rich Bulgarian culture, hospitality and natural landmarks of Bulgaria.


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2017 - 11-14 May

Deadline for Registration for 2017 is 05.February